The library offers free Notary services by appointment via our Contact Us page. Notaries adhere to Ohio Revised Code Section 147 and all other applicable regulations and laws.

  • Requirements
    • Individuals must bring a valid, government-issued photo ID and unsigned documents to be notarized.
    • Documents must be signed in the presence of the notary public. Library staff will only notarize witnessed signatures.
  • Exceptions
    • The following documents cannot be notarized by library staff:
      • Mortgage and housing refinance documents
      • Final wills
      • Notary protests
      • Homeland Security I-9 forms
      • Titles without buyer address and name
    • The State of Ohio does not allow Notary Publics to certify vital records and documents. Vital records include but are not limited to passports, marriage certificates, and birth certificates.
      • Notary Publics can notarize a statement by an individual that a photocopy is indeed a copy of the original document in question.
  • Library staff performing notary service on behalf of the library reserve the right to refuse notarizing documents for any legal reason.