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Pickaway County District Public Library
Pickaway County Main Library Offers New Checkout System

Pickaway County Main Library Offers New Checkout Stations

Patrons at the Main Library in Pickaway County can now check out books, movies and magazines on their own at any one of six new self-check stations.

Library patrons can enjoy enhanced privacy, an increase in staff availability and quicker check-out times with more stations available. Three units are located at the traditional checkout desk, one is located in the gallery area near the front door and two units are in the Youth Room.

The new checkout equipment uses RFID technology which combines item identification and security and communicates with the library’s online catalog. The checkout software from Bibliotheca-ITG is user-friendly and offers intuitive graphic instruction for using the machines.

Patrons can also pay fines at the machines with a credit/debit card.

“While we will offer plenty of assistance as patrons learn the new check-out process, we ask for their patience with the library staff as we are learning, too,” states Library Director Jim Guenther. “Overall, I think people will enjoy using the new equipment.”

The checkout units were installed as part of the Main Library’s renovation project with the goals of enhancing patron service and streamlining workflow.

In early 2012, the library plans to complete the renovation with two automated sorters that will allow materials to be checked in as soon as they are returned through either the interior or exterior material return.  

 “Once the new equipment is fully operational, staff members will be more readily available to answer questions and assist patrons,” Guenther says. “This equipment is allowing us to let people do what they do best, which is help other people, while the machines process and move materials.”


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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