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Pickaway County District Public Library
Library Receives $10 Million from Clifton Estate


Clifton Estate Donates $10 Million to Library


The Pickaway County District Public Library has received $10 million from the estate of Mary Joanne Clifton.


“We are humbled that Mrs. Clifton thought enough of the library and its mission in the community to make this significant contribution,” said Jim Guenther, library director.


Mrs. Clifton was a life member of the Friends of the Pickaway County District Public Library.


The Library Board of Trustees will review options to use the donation to improve library services for Pickaway County. The board plans to gather input from the community.


Current members of the board include President Rich Elsea, Circleville; Vice President Peg Perrill, Ashville; Secretary Alice Harker, Circleville; Susie Dunlap, Williamsport; Kevin Bennington, Circleville; and Linda McCoskey, Orient.


In past several years, the county’s library budget has been approximately $1.9 million with 95 percent of the revenue coming from the state income tax. The remaining 5 percent has come from patron donations and fees.


The goal of the library is to provide Pickaway County residents with access to innovative, useful library services that will allow them to learn throughout their lives; enjoy their recreation time; and become involved in their community.


The library has been the benefactor of several large donations this year. In May, the library announced a $10,000 donation from the estate of Doris R. Kibler Brehmer. In June, the library received a donation of $181,279.80.from the estate of Harold A. “Pete” Holland.


During the library’s Main Move Campaign, the Pickaway County community donated over $350,000 to move the library in 2003 from its location in Memorial Hall at the corner of Main and Pickaway streets to its current North Court Street location. The largest donors at that time were the Rotary Club of Circleville and the estates of Theodore Koch, John K. & Vera Mason and Margaret Anderson.


The Library Board of Trustees appreciates all donations, regardless of amount, which helps the library to fulfill its mission of providing information and services to engage, educate, entertain and enrich the community.

Monday, December 11, 2006

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