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Pickaway County District Public Library
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Pickaway County District Public Library
E-mail Reference
E-mail Reference is intended to answer short, factual questions that do not require verbal interpretation or clarification by the reference librarian. A staff person will respond within 2 business days excluding holidays. If you need your answer more quickly, please call or visit the Reference/Information Department at 740-477-1644 ext 227.

Types of Questions We Can Answer by E-mail*
We can answer brief, factual questions such as those requiring (by way of example):
  • An historic fact or date.
  • The address and phone number of a company.
  • An Internet web address, which may have the information you need.
  • A recommendation of other sources of information for your further, more in-depth research.

  • Types of Questions We Cannot Answer by E-mail*
    We cannot answer questions which are (by way of example):
  • Medical or legal questions requiring any interpretation.
  • Tax questions.
  • Trivia questions.
  • School homework assignments.
  • Genealogy questions.

  • The Pickaway County District Public Library has a well trained staff that is waiting to assist you, so when you have a question that you cannot answer, Ask a Librarian!

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